The Rise of Scandi Design and the Blossoming Allure of Australian Native Flowers:

The Rise of Scandi Design and the Blossoming Allure of Australian Native Flowers:

A Look at Little Myrtle's Unique Incorporation

In the world of interior design, trends come and go, but few have captured the global imagination quite like Scandinavian design. Characterised by its minimalist aesthetic, functional forms, and emphasis on natural materials, Scandi design has taken the world by storm, transcending cultural boundaries, and finding its way into homes across continents. Little Myrtle has masterfully harnessed the essence of Scandinavian design while infusing it with a distinctive touch. Little Myrtle has seamlessly integrated the beauty of Australian native flowers into their creations. The result? A unique fusion that has sparked immense popularity and appreciation among design enthusiasts worldwide.

Scandi Design's Universal Appeal

With its clean lines, simplicity, and focus on functionality, Scandi design resonated with a world seeking solace during chaos. The movement's emphasis on craftsmanship and the use of natural materials created a sense of connection to the environment – a yearning that continues to shape the design world today.

One of the factors contributing to Scandi design's popularity is its versatility. Its neutral colour palettes, uncluttered spaces, and emphasis on light make it adaptable to various settings, from cosy apartments to expansive modern homes. This versatility has allowed Scandi design to transcend geographical and cultural boundaries, making it a sought-after style across the globe.

Little Myrtle: Where Scandi Design Meets Australian Native Flora 

Enter Little Myrtle, a homeware and fashion company that has taken the principles of Scandinavian design and intertwined them with the natural splendour of Australian native flowers. This marriage of aesthetics is a match made in design heaven, capturing the essence of two distinct worlds and creating something entirely new and captivating. 

Australian native flowers, with their vibrant colours and unique shapes, add an organic touch to the clean lines and simplicity of Scandi design. Little Myrtle's approach isn't merely about incorporating these flowers as mere ornaments – it's about infusing them with the same sense of functionality and purpose that defines Scandi design. This synergy results in designs that not only look stunning but also tell a story, connecting people to the beauty of nature and the world around them in Australia.

Little Myrtle GOTS Organic Cotton Scandi Style Floral Bedding

Who doesn’t love this cute as a button flower? Billy Buttons are Australian Natives that go by a whole range of names and they had our kids in stitches... Also known as Billy Balls, Woollyheads and Golden Drumsticks! They’re just that little bit quirky – like us, but mostly we love them because they symbolize good health and we could all do with that.  

The Blossoming Popularity 

The incorporation of Australian native flowers into Scandi design by Little Myrtle has garnered remarkable popularity and appreciation. Here are a few reasons why: 

  1. Distinctive Aesthetic: The fusion of two distinct design styles creates a look that's both refreshing and familiar. It appeals to individuals seeking something beyond the ordinary. 
  1. Cultural Connection: Little Myrtle's designs bridge the gap between Scandinavian aesthetics and Australian nature, appealing to a global audience while celebrating Australia's unique flora and indigenous culture. 
  1. Biophilic Beauty: Biophilic design, which seeks to integrate nature into living spaces, has gained traction. Little Myrtle's incorporation of native flowers aligns perfectly with this trend, bringing the outdoors inside. 
  1. Storytelling Pieces: Each design by Little Myrtle is a piece of art that tells a story. The native flowers serve as a reminder of nature's beauty and the importance of preserving it. Each flower has a unique meaning. You can read all about them while shopping on the product pages. 
  1. Personalization: Australian native flowers are diverse, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities. This enables customers to find pieces that resonate with their personal style. 

In a world where individuality and sustainability are increasingly valued, Little Myrtle's approach to design strikes a chord. By fusing the timeless allure of Scandinavian design with the vibrant charm of Australian native flowers, they've tapped into a wellspring of creativity that resonates with design enthusiasts around the world. 

Little Myrtle GOTS Organic Cotton Single Sheets in floral eucalyptus

You can’t grow up in Australia and not know about eucalyptus. The smell of the leaves, the look of the tree it’s all a part of our childhood. The eucalyptus is believed to be a holy tree for the Indigenous Peoples of Australia. It is said to represent the division of the underworld, between heaven and earth. It is also meant to have a purifying effect and can be used to get rid of negative energy, which explains why mum would pour eucalyptus oil onto the floor of a hot shower when we were sick. Eucalyptus is strong and adaptable like we hope our kids will be and for that reason we had to have them in our collection.  

The rise of Scandi design's popularity is undeniable, and its merger with the beauty of Australian native flowers through Little Myrtle's creations is a testament to the power of creative synthesis. This harmonious blend of aesthetics has not only brought a fresh perspective to design but has also highlighted the universal language of beauty found in the forms of nature, regardless of geographical borders. As Little Myrtle continues to craft stunning pieces that reflect this unique fusion, it's evident that the allure of Scandi design enriched with Australian native flowers is here to stay.

GOTS ORGANIC COTTON little Myrtle Single Bedding Our newest print sticks close to our love of the Australian Eucalyptus tree, but these Gumnuts represent the seeds we sow in our lives, the hard exterior is a symbol of protection and strength and when they open it reflects transformation. Our little Gumnuts.
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